Jacléne Wilk

Actor, Singer, Dancer

“ In a city full of Pigeons, be a flamingo!”


Jacléne has loved the theatre and arts for as long as she can remember. Growing up in a talented and creative family, Jacléne was introduced into the world of acting, singing and dancing at a very young age.  At 5 she started performing at the Marquis Theatre in Northville, Michigan. During middle school she participated in choir and  theatre. Her passion and enthusiasm for performing earned her lead roles for several high school productions . Jacléne graduated from Oakland University, with a BFA in Musical Theatre. She is a well rounded actor, and has recently starred in her first independent Film as Liberty in Liberty's Secret.  She chose to pursue her love for acting because it really is what drives her more than anything else on this planet. Jacléne firmly believes that life is short, and if she can manage to do what she loves and does best, her heart will be forever filled.

She is thrilled to finally be living in New York City, the city she always dreamed to call home, and hopes to have many more exciting challenges and opportunities come her way!